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Feature story writing

Storyboarding is the technique of feature story telling which delivers compelling content using the simplest writing style. At Roloak we pull in all the needed resources for working out the most efficient way of theme presentation. In the next step we map the complete flow from the start tot eh finish. Content prototyping using multiple possibilities in our next step in story writing which lets you choose the best narration style. Our writing style includes the following features which keep your audience engaged through gripping narration.

  • Timeline and Location mapping
  • Planning the Backdrop and plot
  • Efficient event sequencing
  • Intelligent use of metaphors
  • Unique personification style
  • Integration of fascinating ideas
  • Factual and fictional narrative
  • Adding spark to reader experience

Promotional Story Writing

“Keeping the audience engaged from the first line till the last is an art mastered by our experts “–Roloak

Formulation and development of brand story is an art we have mastered at Roloak. Our aim is to ensure maximum liking and sharing among all the readers. We categorize the narration into short, descriptive and narrative styles based on your product and audience. Some of the features of our product promotional story narration include the following elements.

  • Creative concepts
  • Free flowing style
  • Authentic information
  • Non judgmental narration
  • Comprehensively informational content
  • Inspiring and thought provoking ideas
  • Convincing case studies
  • Integration of surprising elements
  • Continuity in event sequencing
  • Relative to audience expectations

Informational Story Writing

“Presenting the authoritative content in a spellbinding style is the hallmark of our authors” –Roloak 

  • Brainstorming of concepts
  • Conversation writing style
  • Integrating Table of content
  • Comprehensive research
  • Factual data on pros and cons
  • Integration and tables and graphs
  • Detailing on “how to” in Do It Yourself information
  • Descriptive narration of parts and ingredients
  • Non persuasive style of writing
  • Compelling and engaging

We split all our storyboards into multiple phases based on the flow of storyline. This enables us to integrate some of the most value based information and data into our content. Our content can help the various communities of readers. Some of them include

  • Potential consumers
  • Information seekers
  • Product specialists
  • Research teams

Faster accessibility of Roloak composed content across mobile and tablet devices make it readable “on the go”. Your readers have the freedom to read and watch your content in the form of text, infographics and videos. Our writing style always includes elements of certainty and gripping narratives which make your reader to wait eagerly for the next episodes and writing sessions.


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