PPC Management

Non-Linear Marketing for Your Real Estate Business that Generates Real Revenues

What makes the potential real estate customers click on your ads instantly when they see them? What makes your business break the barriers of completion in the market? What makes your website worth a stopover for the floating visitors? What makes the visitors stay on your website longer than their own expectation? If you wish to find answers to these questions and more, it is time to choose the PPC Management services from Roloak Pvt Ltd.

PPC Management – Focus Points

PPC-Customers: The floating searchers on Google and other search engines are of many types. Some are serious but still looking, some are potential and willing, many are impulsive and unpredictable, and others are new or revisiting customers. The way they approach your PPC campaigns could be different. Your task is to attract the maximum in each category and convert them into real estate business.

Customer-Behavior: Potential customers look for real value. They don’t go after reading too much text. But they see the images which could impress their subconscious mind. They click and enter without a second thought. Serious customers have a hidden desire to convert. But they are looking for the next campaign which may be better than what they see now. You may they are perfectionists who may never make a decision or make it after a decade.

Impulsive customers are unpredictable. You can never know what triggers them to click and enter your website. New customers could be potential or casual. Loyal customers look for something more than you delivered on the previous successful business conversion.

Customer-Attraction: At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we have a vast range of PPC Management strategies which apply to every class of customers equally. We make your real estate PPC campaigns stand out from the rest of everything they see on the page. Their attention goes immediately onto your PPC campaign and stays there long enough to tempt them to click.

Customer-Exclusion: PPC campaigning could be expensive, especially for a startup or small real estate agency. So, you obviously want to filter out the non-potential and casual visitors from clicking. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we have mastered the methods of excluding such irrelevant clicks. So, you can save on money and get only the most potential audiences.

Customer-Engagement: The art of engaging potential customers with your PPC ads is a complex task due to many reasons. Retaining their attention span for more than 30 seconds is the first task. Making the click on it within this time is the next task. That means the ad should contain something of what the customer has always dreamt of. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we have years of experience in connecting with your potential customer’s consciousness. Within a few seconds, they are convinced about your real estate services. It is the first stage of engagement. We can continue this process until the customer has decided to convert into a real estate business and after.

Customer-Conversion: The time between customer entry to your website and conversion into a real estate business should be the shortest possible. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we strive to increase the possibility of conversion through constantly evolving and innovating procedures. Every day sees a new and attractive strategy. Our goal is to match the wavelength of your customer’s buying patterns with your ad’s displaying patterns. Once the process is complete, you can automatically experience regularly increasing conversions.

PPC Management – for Small Businesses

  • Google Ads: Every word and phrase typed on the search engine can influence the frequency and volume of your PPC ad on the result pages. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we work relentlessly to increase the matching consistently. Working on synonyms and similar sounding words is one method of increasing the match. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we have an entire technical team to achieve your goal of maximum visibility.
  • Google Traffic: Increasing the attention span of every potential searcher and viewer could be a challenging task, especially while they are on their Smartphone. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we have designed a vast range of unique methods to make them click within the shortest of attention span. We never let your customers have a second thought before they choose to click on your PPC ads.
  • Marketing Strategies: At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we have an in-depth marketing strategy for every individual and clusters of similarly minded customers. We design each PPC Management campaign that is applicable to a geographical location, customer communities, and demographic details. We display only what is for the potential customers to see. We avoid distraction and increase attention.

PPC Management Services – Effective and Efficient

Advertising-Manager: At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we dedicate a devoted ad manager for your real estate business website and marketing campaigns. S/he can interact with your team from the management to the marketing and campaigning staffs. His task is to generate the maximum number of leads within a day. Continual improvement in quality and numbers is the target we assign to the manager. So, you can relax and stay focused on your main business, while the Roloak Pvt Ltd ad manager takes care of PPC management and campaigns.

Keyword-Research: Our PPC management at Roloak Pvt Ltd is based heavily on keyword research, filtering, listing, refining, storing, and integrating with your real estate company website content. We keep the keyword density within the W3C standards and yet make it sensationally attractive. The idea is to attract the attention of your customers as well as the search engines within a short span of time.

Competitor-Analysis:  Every other real estate business in the USA may not be your competitor. Even the competitors may have several categories like imminent, possible, consistent, sporadic, and many others. Your approach to each of them will be obviously different. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we can categorize them based on their intensity and duration. We provide you with the details on their complete marketing and campaigning methods.

Creative-Ads:  At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we can create all types of PPC management Ads for your campaigns. Our team can research, design, develop, test, and launch the ads. You can experience the results within a short span of time.

Monitoring-Ads:  There could be circumstances in which a particular ad may not perform up to your expectations, though the chances are rare. At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we can analyze the causes and solutions for every possible problem and set them right in real time.

Report-Generation: At Roloak Pvt Ltd, we create the best reporting system for your PPC Management system. We can customize the columns and rows, chart type, data display, and other related parameters according to your choice.