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ROLOAK Web Applications – Technology

ROLOAK web apps are based on the latest technology tools like the PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, Percona server, Apache, and Ruby on Rails, etc.


We can create the most efficient apps that run on the server-end and deliver the results on the front-end.


With our dedicated development team, we can assure you the following benefits that extend to your customers, suppliers, and every stakeholder of your business.


Security is the foundation on which the ROLOAK web apps work. You can give limited access to your systems to selected users based on levels of resource allocation and data accessibility. We protect your apps and resources from all forms of viruses, malware, hacking, and security-related risks. Now, you can run the most advanced online payments, money transfers, and NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and ECS transactions with zero risks. 


ROLOAK web applications help you target your potential audiences based on multiple criteria. We can integrate them with market analysis, user demographics tracking, onsite actions and behaviour analysis, product preferences, competitor products, and all the related data and analytics. With such a large database, it is possible to target a vast range of potential audiences within the local, state, national, and the global markets.