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Social Media Writers

“The power to tap the social networking resources for enhancing inbound traffic is the unique ability of professional writing” – Roloak 

At Roloak we have been working consistently towards brining stability to the brand visibility, familiarity; identity and business convertibility in the social media. Our success has been measured the basis of promoting content reading to the vast audience in the present market. The popularity of our content is known to range from information and impression creation till the convincing conversion of the leads into potential sales. At Roloak we are capable of creating the best of social media writing for online marketing, advertisement, audience connectivity, messaging, infographics presentations, product specifications, part and composition description, generic content about the product benefits etc. Some of the features of our social media content can be listed here.

Roloak- Favorite in the Social Media

“The role of Emotional Quotient is much bigger compared to the intelligence when it comes social media writing” – Roloak

The flow of information and appealing advertisements runs through different channels in the social media. Information is interpreted by the intelligence while the appealing ads are evaluated by the “hearting” experience of the users. Hence we strive to achieve the twin goals of logic and sensation with some of the elements listed here.

  • Top Visual Appeal to the viewers
  • Impressive storyline for the advertisement content
  • Short and scintillating combination of narration and video.
  • Power packed script for every type of promotion
  • Detailed text information with bulleted points
  • Comprehensive information from the latest trends
  • Dynamic sharing options for the readers
  • Instant accessibility in PC and mobile devices.
  • Keyword and page optimized content
  • Highest relevance for the readers

Roloak – Master Timers

“Timing is the most critical element in driving home the message in the social media. It can make or break the delicate balance in marketing” – Roloak

At Roloak we have a clear understanding of the audience attention span on a specific topic. It is like the fading curve which can vanish within moments. Hence our timing in capturing the user attention makes a big impact on the conversion ratio.

  • Just in time information when the users need it the most.
  • Shortest response time to user query, comment, review etc.
  • Literal listening to your social media readers.
  • Continuous improvement in all the explicit and implicit aspects.


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  3. I have been an active social network user without knowing its business potential. The first social media writing from Roloak made me realize its vast potential when my sales conversion started booming.
  4. The only thing I can recommend about Roloak is the assured growth in your customer trust and trading profits. They manage the rest of the process, so I really don’t worry a lot.

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